Katherine has a certification in Kate Jordan's Bodywork for the Childbearing Year® where she learned how to apply medical massage techniques to alleviate disabling pain caused by pregnancy.

  • Improves labor outcomes

o ​decreases premature births and labor complications

o decreases length of labor and pain

o increases birth weight

o decreases post-partum depression


  • Relieves muscles spasms, cramps, and myofascial pain

o ie. sciatica, pubis symphysis, round ligament pain,  low back, hip and sacral pain, leg discomfort, upper back pain


  • Assists in minimizing mood swings by decreasing anxiety and depression

o ​increases serotonin and dopamine

o decreases cortisol and norepinephrine


  • Increases blood and lymph circulation 

o ​decreases heart rate and blood pressure

o decreases leg edema 


  • Decreases the effects of prenatal maternal stress on infants

o ​the decrease of stress hormone production after massage can last up to two weeks


Katherine's postpartum massage is one of a kind and highly recommended. Beyond receiving a massage that combines Mayan Abdominal Therapy with a Somassage, you will learn the Mayan

Abdominal self care massage and receive important resources for rehabilitating the postpartum body.
  • Helps reorient mom's body to pre-pregnancy structure - eliminating the chances of pain and organ prolapse later in life

  • Alleviates muscoloskeletal strain and fatigue of new mothers

o ​discomfort induced by long hours of baby feeding and care

o residual dysfunction that may have developed during pregnancy or labor ​


  • Rehabilitates the abdomen's connective tissue layers and muscles that often gets distorted during pregnancy                                                                                      

  • Provides emotional support and education during a major life transition