Deep Massage & Prenatal  Massage 
60 Minutes, $80
90 Minutes, $120

Postpartum Massage

First visit, 90 -120 minutes, $175

*includes self-care instructions and castor oil kit for home use*

Return visit, 90 minutes $140

Mayan Abdominal Therapy 
First visit, 90 - 120 minutes, $175

*includes self-care instructions and castor oil kit for home use*
Return visit, 60 minutes, $100

Mercier Therapy Treatment & Protocol
Consultation: For those seeking comprehensive support ,a one hour consultation and pelvic health care restoration plan is recommended prior to starting treatment.

Included in this visit is a detailed pelvic heath history intake, external abdominal and pelvic exam, recommendations for herbs, supplements and dietary/lifestyle modifications. Appropriate referral to a Urologist/Gynecologist Physician can be given for further evaluation. 

Integrated Pelvic Health Consultation and Pelvic Health Restoration Plan

$150 for new patients (60 min)

$100, current Acupuncture clients who have been seen within last 6 months.

$60 (30 minute) 

A consult can be added to the first Mercier treatment.


Mercier Therapy:  $140 (50-60)

6 weekly sessions are recommended for maximum benefit.


Conditions for which Mercier Therapy is not appropriate:
IUD, Tubal clips, surgical mesh, presence of cancer, and pregnancy.

Acupuncture for Vitality

Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine, first visit, 90 minutes, $140
Acupuncture, Acute first visit, 50-60 minutes, $110
Acupuncture return visit, 45-60 minutes, $90

Acupuncture Return visit 30minutes $45

Day of IUI/IVF, 2 visits, $170.

Beauty Acupuncture Initial Visit $150

Beauty Acupuncture Return Visits $100

Beauty Boost Mini Visit 30 minutes $60

Initial 5 Element Evaluation and Acupuncture  60-90 min$140

Return 5 Element Acupuncture 45-60 min $90

Return 5 Element 30 minutes $45 

Wellness Consultations

Initial 90 minutes $175

Return 60 minutes $90

Return 30 minutes $60

Rates & Packages